100x VITA Trophy Service

What does this service give you?

Our 100x VITA Trophy Service gives you the choice of getting 100 VITA games synced as 100% Completed/Platinum! This not only raises your trophy level, but also increases your number of trophies to make you stand out online! For £15, you will get 100 various games synced, but if you want to choose the 100 VITA games we offer that for an extra price!


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Does it include the DLC trophies?

In most cases, yes. We have the DLC content for most of the games we do. However for few games, the DLC trophy content might not be included however you still receive 100% on the base game with platinum. Contact us for any info on games.


Will my account stay on Trophy Leaderboard Sites?

If you are on PSN Trophy Leaderboard sites, you should customise the timestamps with us so that they match up with your account's creation date, otherwise your account could get listed as inaccurate data.


Where do I add my PSN Details?

Please Add Your PSN Details On This Page.


If you have 2SV enabled, you must provide a setup code from your account page, or disable it for us to be able to sign in.

100x VITA Trophy Service

  • If purchased before 6PM GMT, VITA orders are completed on same day before 11PM usually.

    If purchased after 6PM GMT, the order will be set to be done the next day.

    Once complete, you will receive an email to confirm that the service is completed.