PSN Trophy Level 100 Service - VITA Titles

What does this service give you?

Our Level 100 service gives you the biggest boost we offer! Just as it sounds, it will get your account up to PSN Trophy Level 100, which is around 600-700 completed games. This service uses only VITA games for your platinum boost!


What do I need to provide?

Since we are giving you up to 700 platinums, you only need to provide your PSN account details and we'll do the rest!


What are the timestamps like?

The timestamps will be generic like in our regular service of our 15x Platinum Service, there are no customisation options on timestamps for this service.


It sounds like a long job, how long will it take?

We usually will take around 1-2 days maximum, if there's any delays we'll let you know via Email.

PSN Trophy Level 100 Service - VITA Titles

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  • Depending on how busy we are, it's likely done over 2 days.