PSVITA Trophy Service Now Available!

We're happy to announce that we now have VITA Trophy Service available for purchasing, this brings over 1700 new games to be synced! The service is available to be purchased from our services page, but please note it is currently in a BETA stage.


What is the VITA Service Beta?

As the service is new for us and our users, we are researching into the best methods in providing the service to our customers, though while we proceed with our research, we also would like to give the opportunity to offer the service on a basic level. For now, we are now offering 2 Services for VITA trophies, 15x Service (Choosing 15 Games) and 100x Service (Random 100 Games), though we hope to bring more services such as customising timestamps, and even a cheaper Level 100 Service specifically done with VITA games. Please note the prices currently set for 15x and 100x VITA Services may be due to change to better suit our range once the beta ends.

Who can use the VITA Service?

One thing we want to stress with the VITA service is that ANYONE can use the service, including users who had incompatible accounts for the PS3 Service, those users are also able to use the VITA Service with no issues!

What games are available?

As mentioned, we have over 1700 games for the VITA Service, you can view the list here! This list also may change to include more games in the future.

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