PlayStation Network Trophy Leveling Update Changes

PlayStation is releasing an update targeting Trophies and Levels! Essentially instead of the trophy levels being 1-100(+), their new structure will be having trophy levels 1-999. Though by their estimate, a Level 12 account would be converted to around Level 200 in the new structure. Sounds a little confusing at first, but will it affect our trophy services?

We don't expect it to cause any issues with our Services as it's pretty much a visual change with the way trophy levels are calculated and displayed. Though this means our Trophy Level 100 Service may have some changes in order to reflect the new structure. This can mean that instead of being Trophy Level 100, we may have a trophy Level 999 instead! This is all to be tested and confirmed as the update is made available, but as far as our usual 15x, 100x, 1x Services there won't be any changes apart from how your account will level up.

Any further news and updates will be posted!

Find more about the update from the PlayStation Blog:

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