Orders with 2-Step Verification

It's been a long time since our last post, but we've still been boosting accounts and processing orders all the way through! Almost hitting 1000 Positive eBay Feedback Ratings, and reaching almost 5000 titles to be chosen from for your PSN Boosting Orders.

We've been seeing more accounts with 2-Step Verification enabled so we thought we'd make a quick guide to making sure you provide the correct details to prevent any delays while it's being processed...


  1. When placing your order, remember to include both PSN Email Address, and PSN Password details as normal

  2. As an additional message to us, provide a Device Setup Password (available from the PSN Website, under Account Management), this is a form of letters and numbers which is used when an account has 2SV enabled.

  3. We'll message you back if there's any issues, or else your order should be processed as normal!

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