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We Are Now 1 Year Old!

Back in January 2017, we had our eBay page up and running taking orders and it was a great start. We decided to expand by offering our services off of eBay to save on eBay fees and therefore offer better prices and a more direct purchase for the customers, and therefore on the 23rd of January 2017, the site was born!

Although now our site is all cool and smooth, we've had different revisions of our logo and the site itself, including the biggest change which was moving to Wix which allowed our site to have many cool features and make it smoother and more simple for the site to stay secure and for payments to be processed easily. We've also managed to keep the site running with 0 ads since it was born!

Anyway, here in 2018, we are serving people all over the world! Check out our statistics below to find some cool information...

Did you know, nearly half of our visitors come from the United Kingdom (which is where we are based!)! Followed by the United States, and then various countries within Europe.

Here's a fun one, 51% of all our users are using Google Chrome! Followed by 30% using Safari.

1 year later and we're still running strong to users of our site and users of eBay! Hopefully we continue to provide one of the best priced services out there for the next year! All the best from PSTrophyServices!

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