Service Changes - 15x Trophy Service

Due to recent concerns raised regarding our 15x Trophy Service, we've decided to slightly change the options available for this service, in order to make it simpler for you, and also have more customisability at a lower price!

Previously, the 15x Service had 3 options, Regular Service (£4.50), Custom Start Date (£5.50), and Custom Start+ End Date (£6.50). However we've now made adjustments so the following is available for the 15x Service, Regular Service (£4.50) and Custom Start + End Date (£6).

Overall we've removed the Custom Start Date service as there was some small confusion over what the service gave, we also believed that there was no need for this service, as the Custom Start + End Date service gave better customisability. We've also lowered the price of the Custom Start + End Date from £6.50 to now £6.

Thanks, PSTrophyServices


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