PSN Reward System - How Does This Affect Us?

PSN recently released a new reward system to give players items such as PS+ Subscriptions, and even PSN Credit. One of the ways to earn these rewards is by earning Platinum Trophies in games. It's said that 10 Platinum Trophy Games will earn you $10 PSN Credit.

Because it's relating to trophies, we are currently closed to check and test several accounts to see if there is any new issues with bans, and also importantly for some, to see if you can earn PSN Credit even with using our service.

We should be open after several hours, and we'll update you with what we find.

Update: After testing with multiple accounts, we've checked over and can see no issues with possible bans, there is still a 0% risk of ban! Also it seems that you don't earn reward points for the trophies since it looks to only take PS4/Vita Trophies (Unconfirmed?).

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