Note: This method is focussed on the PS3 Service, another page will be available soon for VITA.


First, it begins with you. Once you've purchased a service and the payment is successful, we receive your order including the PSN details, and the games you requested (if applicable).

Order Example

Now that your order is in, we get to work and grab the trophy files of your chosen games (if applicable) from our massive library, and put them into a folder dedicated to your purchase.

Folder Director Exampl
AccountID modification

With the trophy files set, now we head over to the account, and take out an existing trophy, or if one doesn't exist, then we create a temporary trophy. Then we extract the AccountID which is the unique code that identifies your PSN Account. We save this AccountID as a new file called PARAM.SFO.

It's time to resign the trophies! With your account's AccountID, we now use a tool that will replace the old ID for the new ID for each game, so that the trophy is linked to the PSN account and will be accepted and synced to PSN.

AccountID Resigning

Finally, the trophies are ready to be synced to PSN, so we put the new trophy folders onto our specialised PS3 system, and we syncronise the trophies over to PSN. That completes our method on trophy syncing!