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How we began.

In November/December 2016, we began selling our trophy services on eBay. With an incredible amount of sales and satisfied customers, we decided to expand and become more professional in what we do. Therefore, we used our profits to fund a cloud hosting provider and we created our fresh store online. After a month on the host, we couldn't get the perfect website design. Therefore we moved to Wix, and here we are now! We are aiming to fufil all orders via our site therefore we have reduced our sales via eBay, though we still do fully support users on eBay. All our payments are done via PayPal therefore you still have your buyer protections if you were to have any issues.

What is our process?

First you have the option of choosing which system you want the service for, we now support PS3 and VITA titles which gives you over 3700 possible games to be synced. Once we get your order, we aim to process them all after 6PM each day. Some ask why we don't do it instantly, this is because we also have personal lives so we dedicate the evening to processing your orders! During our processing time, we estimate we are only on your account for around an hour. If we have any issues with the order, then we will email you, to rectify the issues. You will always be notified via email when the order is complete. Take a look on "Our Method" page to see how we complete the service.

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